Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2011 Raleigh Beer Week

The 2nd Annual Raleigh Beer Week
RALEIGH,NC – With 7 leaders of the craft beer scene in NC all located Downtown Raleigh NC , it makes sense for the collaboration to celebrate all things craft brewed.  From the ceremonial tapping of the first cask by Mayor Charles Meeker to the arrival of more than 20 breweries from 8 states and as far away as Belgium & Germany the 6-day event will prove that Raleigh is “America’s Smartest Beer Drinking City”.
The Busy Bee Cafe kicks the week off  this year's festival with ticketed "cellar clearing" beer festival of epic proportions with over 20 breweries being represented. The festival will include the Brewers Forum; a fan favorite event from 2010, brings barrel aging master Eric Salazar for a tasting of super-rare Felix Love & an informal round-table discussion on sour beers & barrel aging;  and many other types of beer events, food and beer pairings, cask events, prix fixe beer dinners as well as taste appreciation events with nationally recognized writers.  We have worked with Breweries and Distributors to arrange for dozens of rare and special beers to be kegged and casked for service during Raleigh Beer Week.  Allagash Brewing Company have sent Belgian Blonde, Curieux & this year's Fluxus.  The folks at Foundation will reinforce your love for NC beer by breaking out Sexual Chocolate and some barrel aged brews from their private stash as well as offering some of the most inventive & delicious beer cocktails in the South.  We will be celebrating the launch of Beer Prophet the smartphone app for beer novices and pros alike with Tir Na Nog & Lonerider Brewings' Local Beer Local Band event. And
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About Raleigh Beer Week
Raleigh Beer Week is a 6 day celebration of the “Smartest and Best Beer-Drinking City in America”
Established in 2010, it hopes to become the largest and best beer week in the Southeast.  Celebrating the collaborative efforts of local businesses to put better beer into the hands of our diverse clientele.  Born out of conversations over dozens of pints of handcrafted beer, produced through the efforts of friends collaborating to bring separate businesses together through a passion great beer.
Raleigh Beer Week highlights the region’s diverse beer scene – its world-class breweries, neighborhood taverns, trend-setting restaurants and growing beer culture and history.  Raleigh Beer Week will draw thirsty beer fans from throughout the region and beyond, making it one of Raleigh’s key annual tourist events.
Raleigh Beer Week is organized and operated by a board of friends, restaurant owners and others, to promote Raleigh’s beer and hospitality industries.
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