Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ASHEVILLE BEER TRIP-Stop #3-Craggie Brewing Company

The bar with Zaq Saurez
Literally around the corner was our next stop, Craggie Brewing Company at 197 Hilliard Avenue. Another former garage, the inside of the brewery was warm and inviting with a small bar and seating area. The brewery is located in the next room. Zaq Saurez was busy bartending and we met briefly with Jonathan Cort the co-owner. Jonathan introduced us to Bill Drew the Brewmaster and DJ McCready Brewer's apprentice. They took us back and gave us an overview of  operations and a sampling of a couple of test batches they were working on including a tasty bourbon chipotle porter. Specializing in eclectic flavored beers, we were instantly pulled in by their Antebellum Ale (an 1840's recipe with spruce tips), Toubab Brewe (a Zwickel) and Meet Your Maker (an English Strong Ale). As much as we enjoyed the beers, the hospitality of the crew is what really stood out. Zaq even went so far as to give us a sample of Antebellum Ale ice cream- a delicious concoction whipped up by local ice cream shop "The Hop". Make sure to add Craggie to your list of must visits on your Asheville trip!
Spreading the Craft Beer Gospel and Bill Drew

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