Saturday, December 4, 2010

MINI-REVIEW--Shmaltz Brewing Company's He'Brew Jewbelation 13

This is our first He'Brew tasting from Shmaltz Brewing Company. We thought it would be fitting since Hanukkah is in full swing! The 13th in their Jewbelation series, the Bar Mitzvah, comes in at 13% and is classified as an American Strong Ale. Every year they up the ante by 1, as in this has 13 different hops, 13 different malts and has 13% ABV. This actually came out in 2009 so we have a year-ish of aging.

Pours a dark brown, almost black, with a tan head. The aroma is chocolate malts. The flavor is phenomenal with a burst of molasses and malt with a buttery mouthfeel, but as it warms it becomes more balanced with a bit of hops before finally settling down into straight malt with a hint of black licorice.

Not sure what this tasted like a year ago, but we think age has only improved this and we give it a very solid 4 out of 5 stars. Looking forward to this year's 14!

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