Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ASHEVILLE BEER TRIP-Stop #4-Highland Brewing Company


Next on the list was the largest and most well known of Asheville's breweries, Highland Brewing Company, located at 12 Old Charlotte Highway # H. This trip was our first visit to Asheville and Highland is way off the beaten path! Even with our trusty GPS we finally had to get directions directly from the brewery. The brewery actually sits at an old movie studio. We finally found the place but we only had 10 minutes before they shut down for the evening. Fortunately, Highland's brews are found just about everywhere in the Southeast and we've had most of their other beers. We had just enough time to sample the one brew we had heard so much about-their spicy Cold Mountain Winter Ale and it lived up to the hype! 

The bar with Paula and Michelle

Highland is a huge brewery and on Friday nights they have live bands at their tasting room. We were too late for a proper tour and afraid that we'd missed out on meeting the venerable Oscar Wong. Thankfully, we had made a friend (yes, we mean you, Michelle!) the night before at the Thirsty Monk and she managed to get us not only a photo but a brief chat with Oscar. In the end, we may have arrived late but Oscar made us feel very welcome and we thoroughly enjoyed our pint of Cold Mountain. We'll have to try to visit them again now that we know how to find the place. Do yourself a favor and plan on a visit to Highland, the oldest and largest brewery in Asheville.

Spreading the Craft Beer Gospel and Oscar Wong

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